W3 [ˈberi] v past tense and past participle buried present participle burying third person singular buries [T]
1¦(dead person)¦
3¦(fall on something)¦
6 bury your face/head etc (in something)
7 bury your face/head in your hands
8 bury your head in the sand
9 bury the hatchet/bury your differences
10¦(in a surface)¦
11 bury yourself in your work/studies etc
13¦(loved one)¦
[: Old English; Origin: byrgan]
to put someone who has died in a ↑grave
bury sb in/at etc sth
He was buried in the churchyard of St Mary's.
2.) ¦(OBJECT)¦
to put something under the ground, often in order to hide it
Electric cables are buried beneath the streets.
3.) ¦(FALL ON SOMETHING)¦ [usually in passive]
to fall on top of someone or something, usually harming or destroying them
be buried under/beneath etc sth
The skiers were buried under the snow.
57 miners were buried alive .
4.) ¦(HIDDEN)¦ [usually in passive]
to cover something so that it cannot be found
His glasses were buried under a pile of papers.
to ignore a feeling or memory and pretend that it does not exist
a deeply buried memory
6.) bury your face/head etc (in sth)
to press your face etc into something soft
Noel buried his face in the pillow.
7.) bury your face/head in your hands
to cover your face with your hands because you are very upset
8.) bury your head in the sand
to ignore an unpleasant situation and hope it will stop if you do not think about it
9.) bury the hatchet/bury your differences
to agree to stop arguing about something and become friends
10.) ¦(IN A SURFACE)¦
to push something, especially something sharp, into something else with a lot of force
bury sth in sth
The dog buried its teeth in my leg.
The bullet buried itself in the wall.
11.) bury yourself in your work/studies etc
to give all your attention to something
After the divorce, she buried herself in her work.
to put a fact or information somewhere in a larger document so that it is unlikely to be found or read
The story was buried at the back of the paper.
13.) ¦(LOVED ONE)¦
literary to have someone you love die
She had buried her husband, two sons, and a daughter.
be dead and buried atdead1 (14)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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